Past Restorations

Our club is very proud to be an active restorer and preserver of heritage buses which have previously operated in Queensland. We are forever working towards improving our fleet and strive to return vehicles back to their original condition.

These projects were made possible due to the generousity and support of the following companies:

Bus 721 – 1970 Leyland Panther

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of our organisation, Bus 721 was repainted by Coachworks between September and October 2021 into the last colour scheme it wore in service with the Brisbane City Council.

Bus 498 – 1968 Leyland Panther

Between May and November 2020, Bus 498 underwent an interior and exterior refurbishment at Coachworks.

These works included framework rust repairs, installation of new flooring and side panelling, repainting of the white roof and top orange band, installation of the grille above the destination board, and other minor cosmetic finishes.

Bus 100 – 1983 MAN SL200

Between July and August 2020, Bus 100 was refurbished by Coachworks back into the gold and white commemorative livery to coincide with the 135th anniversary of the start of public transport in Brisbane.

Bus 80 – 1948 AEC Regal III

Between May and July 2020, Bus 80 was restored to original condition by Coachworks courtesy of a $19,000 Queensland Government Community Benefit Fund grant.

This involved replacing a number of body panels and attending to some other minor rust repairs, plus undertaking a complete respray of the Council’s original Aluminium-colour paint scheme.

Bus 722 – 1969 Leyland Panther

Between March 2018 and April 2019, Bus 722 was extensively restored to original condition by Watt’s Bus and Coach Works and Coachworks in anticipation of the 50th birthday and anniversary of Brisbane’s tramway closure.

Thanks to the generousity of our members and supporters, combined with a $5,500 Queensland Government Community Benefit Fund grant, the club spent up to $100,000 on a complete interior and exterior refurbishment to return the vehicle back into service after 10 years off the road.

Bus 827 – 1978 Volvo B59

Between September and November 2015, Bus 827 was restored to original condition by Coachworks, following receipt of a $5,500 Queensland Government Community Benefit Fund grant and private sponsorship from the bus industry.