Buses of Ipswich during 1950

This is another selection of photos taken by legendary bus enthusiast, Vic Hayes, during his time in Queensland between 1949 and 1950.

In May 1950, the Ipswich Bus Service was owned by the Beaumont family who had an extensive involvement in Queensland buses spanning over 20 years: with services in Everton Park, Landsborough, Ipswich, Maryborough, Lowood, Toowoomba, Wynnum and Mount Morgan. No. 8 in the fleet was a White WA18 with Thomas Gardiner & Sons body of 1943, that was acquired from the Brisbane City Council on 24 February 1949. It was built new for the Swann Road Bus Service in the western suburbs of Brisbane. The vehicle later passed to the Amberley Rosewood Bus Company and saw out its life at Gatton Bus Service.
Mr Francis Basil Elphick owned the Ipswich-Amberley Bus Service for over 25 years, having acquired it after returning from service in the First World War. One of the vehicles used on the service was this Ford V8 with a body built by local firm, John Thomas & Sons, during 1946. Mr Elphick sold his business to Amberley Rosewood Bus Company Pty Ltd during October 1950.
Another long-standing operator in Ipswich was the Booval Motor Bus Company which was owned by Tom Moffat and Matt Patterson. The company operated services along Brisbane Road to Booval, Bundamba and Ebbw Vale and was founded on 2 August 1922. This stylish forward-control Ford V8 was built by the Watt Bros of Woolloongabba on 16 December 1946.
The Blackstone Bus Service, linking Ipswich with Newtown, Silkstone and Blackstone, was acquired by Messrs William Farmer & William Gall from Mr Claude Thomas Bowling during 1947. Under their ownership, the partners favoured Fords in their fleet. One such vehicle was this 1941 V8 model with Watt Bros body, which entered service during March 1942. The vehicle was acquired from the Brisbane City Council on 11 April 1949, having been built new for the Swann Road Bus Service. The body was constructed by Watt Bros at a cost of £400.
The Pioneer Bus Company, operating to North Ipswich, was owned by Messrs. McDonald, Tyler and Hastings and operated a fleet of nine buses in 1950. These vehicles included WA20 and WA22 model Whites, Reos and a Bedford. Pictured here in May 1950 is No. 1 a White WA20 with a body built by John Thomas & Sons.
A service linking Ipswich with Minden and Marburg was pioneered by Mr Reginald Smith during November 1944. By 1946, the service had been extended to Gatton. In January 1949, Mr Smith took delivery of this new International KB6 with Watt Bros body.
In July 1944, the State Transport Commission approved the inauguration of a service between Mt Crosby and Ipswich. The service initially operated one trip per week under trial under trial using a Ford V8 truck capable of seating 10 passengers. The service was operated by Kerr Bros who owned the Mt Crosby store.